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My life is totally dedicated to design.

"We started to design and build our racks because we felt the need to change. We wanted to force the rules, those imposed by habit, in order to benefit aesthetics, quality and the ‘personality of our products."

"We constantly strive to achieve the fundamentals of good design, trying new solutions and materials always with product performance and quality in mind. Only then are our products deemed worthy. Creating products without compromise that will last forever."

"We have a wide and varied portfolio of product to appeal to every customers needs and requirements. Even custom sizes can be catered for allowing the most bespoke of services to our discerning clients."

"Our Italian culture for style, quality and performance is a part of every product we manufacture. We combine this with the highest professionalism and a determination to succeed. Bassocontinuo has successfully entered a global market with the ambition of becoming market leaders in all territories."
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