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the high power

The leadership time control future
US McIntosh, has experienced for more than 60 years the magnificent years, was tenable by Mr. Frank. H. McIntosh in 1949, takes root American New York Binghamton. By reason of "persisted" and "unique interpretation" idea, enable McIntosh to be honorable and achievement. Nowadays, it is not only the vacuum tube, but also is the transistor and the integrated circuit cutting edge. He has created the vacuum tube golden age, takes on the acoustic industry to march into the transistor age navigator. The power amplifier is well-known by the world. Sound by nature, the acoustic fidelity is good-hearted, tendency and analysis strength.

Prescience in most front
McIntosh touches in advance the judgement, proposed "the high power", "the high stored energy" and the "wide frequency range"should "the technical concept, has been discovered after many years by other factories, then becomes the study object which the field followed. For example he always emphasized the high power output and the ultra wide frequency should, promote the output in more than 10 years ago to reach as high as 1000W power amplifier MC1000. Puts up a factory first power amplifier 50W-1, selects a brand-new method, hereafter this specific name "Unity Coupled?products line, successfully obtains the register of patent, it will have the profound influence in the future. McIntosh also has lasting achievements on the pre-amplifier contribution, takes the lead to introduce new concept in a separated way of design C-100 the level amplifier, partially put in the power source supply voltage-stabilizer circuit unit independently, the pure signal enlargement electric circuit placed in another cabinet which could achieve the throughout separation.

The whole world recognizes the Hi-End register of patent technology
The lake hydro blue real-time power output meter shows McIntosh Power Level Meters McIntosh on the power amplifier symbol, bring into mind that lake hydro blue real-time power output demonstration "Blue Eyes? it demonstrates the high accuracy the power data, regardless of multi-channel or mono, also becomes the factory high quality guarantee symbol. However McIntosh the true value lies in the intrinsic line design and many patents technology, is scrupulous about every detail the strict request to the manufacture aspect, make McIntosh the product to be able to attain perfectly performance.

McIntosh Power Guard
Power guard is another patented McIntosh innovation. When an amplifier is overdriven, by a sudden music peak, for instance, it can "clip" and send a burst of damaging energy to your speakers. This is the most common cause of damage to the "tweeter" element of speakers. Power Guard, an optical-electronic circuit, prevents clipping by instinctively turning the volume down, and then back up, in as little as 1/1000 of a second. Hard clipping is avoided, and speakers are safe while ensuring maximum safe power output.

McIntosh Output Autoformer
Output Transformers, a feature of many of our amplifiers, assures that you get all the power you paid for. Other amplifiers, optimized for 8-ohm speakers, have warnings not to use with many speakers that are 4 or even 2-ohm impedance. Others are optimized to work with these low impedance speakers, but deliver only a fraction of their potential power with 8-ohm speakers. Output Transformers avoid this problem, with separate connection for all three popular speaker types, insuring full power, into any speaker regardless of impedance.

McIntosh Sentry Monitor
Sentry Monitor, a patented McIntosh circuit, senses and helps prevent damage to the amplifier in case of accidental short circuits in the speaker lines. Sentry<

McIntosh put the development steps for Power Amp with the Pre Amp. She promote 50W-1 and the 15W-1 phono power in 1960 stereo sound age for MC30 and MC60, develops total 8 sections to be handed down for generations. In 1960, McIntosh abundant the harvest gold time, MC40, MC240 and MC225 emerged one after another, after establishes the McIntosh vacuum Power Amp. In 1962, the MC275 has been produced, established the vacuum tube a historical milestone, it has created the magnificent achievement, was allowed to say as a miracle. GORDON. J. the GOW invention patent design "the multi- lines and circle the output transformer", the unique output transformer puts the introduction from the vacuum tube to the transistor uses, enhances the crystal amplifier the service life and the safety, and protects the expensive speaker without damage. Takes a long-range approach, McIntosh develops the new generation of digital sound source DVD Audio and the SACD brand-new Power amp series, the factory invests the huge research expenses, for the generation of ultra width frequency (15Hz-100kHz) the output transformer and the channel designs the high frequency power transformer, the coordinate factory again specification crystal amplifying tube, can satisfy the new digital sound source "the ultra width frequency", ' the big tendency’s request.
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