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Unison Research

For more than 20 years Unison Research products have been admired and appreciated around the world. From very beginning our purpose has always been to provide enjoyment through listening to music. To that deceptively simple goal we bring a lifetime of experience in both valve and solid-state electronics design - and a genuine passion for making equipment that will give lasting pleasure.
Look inside any Unison Research amplifier and you will find our renowned build quality, careful attention to detail and a very high standard of material content. Many of the key components - such as the mains and output transformers which are vital for good sound quality - are made in-house. You will also find advanced technology and many unique features, the fruit of original thinking by our designers in partnership with one of Italy's most respected Institutes of Advanced Electronics Research.

Unisonís pride in making audio equipment is not confined to the technical aspects of design. A machine for making fine music must also be of attractive visual appearance, made with skill and flair to please the eye as well as the ear. Unison Research has always been synonymous with elegance and style in the best Italian tradition. Our lavish use of fine materials, like sculpted hardwood and stainless steel, makes Unison Research equipment stand out from the crowd in an all-too often world of drab conformity.

Unison Research chief design engineer Mr Giovanni Mr Sacchetti leads vacuum tube of audio product, wins many awards: including the flagship model Absolute 845 with the collection value of the Simply Two 15th anniversary edition. Produce the output transformer also well-know world wide. Develop the output transformer by continue test and experiment, ignore the high cost factor to use the high conductive German iron magnetic core and circles system and using the shield Switzerland hand made wire which making the best audio sound effect. The power transformer is also hand made which can provide the most powerful power circuit.

The essence of any piece of audio equipment lies in the way it reproduces music. Listen to your music through any Unison Research product and you will hear a natural purity of sound, free from strain or artifice. No matter whether you choose a classic pure triode all-valve amplifier or one of the new generation of hybrid tube and solid-state designs; and no matter what your taste in music, from classical to rock, from vocal to symphonic, Unison Research can help you towards greater listening pleasure.

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