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For almost two decades, XLO Electric has been recognized as the scientific leader in the high-performance cable industry. This is confirmed by XLO’s discovery and first use of many advanced materials and techniques, virtually all of which were originally challenged by competitors, then begrudgingly accepted, adopted, and now highly imitation and flattery.

XLO has continued over the years with an on-going series of significant technological advances designed to provide a signal delivery system that has no sound or color of it’s own ?one that lets you accurately evaluate and select all of the other system components without the filtering effect of multi-hued and mismatched cables ?one that simply allows you fully experience the artistry of the composer, the musician and the filmmaker. This overall design goal and mission statement is why all XLO cables have design integrity and are praised by many as “The Best in the World?

XLO Limited Edition cables are what first earned our reputation as the “Best in the World? These are quite simply the finest cables that we can make and ?as Jonathon Scull said in Stereophile ?“XLO Limited Edition is almost certainly the best cable that will ever be made.? XLO Limited Edition cables are the perfect embodiment of the WaveLink Technology and the concept that “everything is important? We cut no corners for cost or manufacturing ease. We use the most exotic and pure materials in conductor metallurgy and dielectrics ?many of which are available exclusively to XLO ?and two proprietary treatments and cryogenics. Limited Edition cables are almost entirely hand made as there is no machine in the world that can perform the micro-precision winding and alignment that is necessary. XLO Limited Edition cables are as the name states, made in limited production and individually serial numbered.
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