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Klipsch Pro

Half century horn raises the sound authority
Klipsch - world-famous specialized speaker manufacture, spreads the global more than 80 countries, has surpasses for half century to be engaged in the professional audio technical development, attains the famous high-quality movie theater companies all over the world. American most large-scale movie theater Regal Cinemas, United Artists Theaters, AMC Theaters, Australia is most well-known movie theater Cameo Cinemas, Italy the most distinguishing movie theater Malco's Majestic Theater, as well as enjoys the well known 81,000 feet to be located Canadian famous opera house. The Centre for Performing Arts, etc.

The global biggest professional theater speaker supplier, has 60 years historical acoustic, experienced several generation of technical improvements, until now Klipsch still studied diligently the horn speaker for the research and development and had the horn loudspeaker patented technology for a brand reputation.

The patent technology achievement is prominent
The horn loudspeaker to be carried forward by KLIPSCH, Paul W.Klipsch has established KLIPSCH in 1941. At that time, expansion for the amplifier is limited and unable to have breakthrough, therefore proposed the high frequency loudspeaker and the horn design research, has then become Paul W.Klipsch most important researchís task.

Paul the W.Klipsch first registration of patent obtained in 1939, has also obtained 28 patents from 1939 to 1981. The patent contents are comprehensive include electricity, acoustics as well as speaker manufacture patent, certainly, many horn design patent was invented by Paul W.Klipsch, Paul W.Klipsch I horns?pioneer researcher. He founded the company in 1946 registrated with his own name, and simultaneously promoted Klipschorn (King of the Horns) With the 50 year innovation, Mr. Paul W.Klipsch is awarded "the project and the scientific celebrity hall" the member title, with Thomas Edison and extraordinary personality and so on Wright Brother enjoys the great honor. The Audio magazine, Mr. Richard Heyster has said: Klipschorn (the horn emperor) and its designer Mr. Paul W.Klipsch may say is the incredible legend of the music.

After more than 50 years development, Klipsch, at its technical design headquarters: the Indianapolis Technology Center, by reason of diligently the unremitting research and the state-of-art technical coordination, Klipsch utilize specialized level Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) Machines to make quality of the designed control unit. In order to pass through the specialized technical inspection, require the high-qualit

Get the Klipsch Signature Horn-Loaded performance at an incredible value, the Pro- Series features Polypropylene woofers and a Silk Dome tweeters mated to Tractrix horns for dynamic acoustic performance. Utilizing Klipsch Patent-Pending SkyHook Tool-Free Installation System, your install time is reduced by 75%. Better for Home use or Commerical use.

Whether youíre looking for inexpensive speakers for a multi-room audio system, or high-performance home theater speakers that donít take up any real estate in your room, Klipsch in-ceiling speakers provide the performance you require.

In-Ceiling speakers are easy to install and virtually invisible. Paintable speaker grilles mean that youíll barely notice that you even have speakers in your room.

Klipsch custom in-ceiling speakers cover every possible installation need, from the entry level Custom Series to the high end THX Ultra2 Certified home theater speakers. Installation kits are the same across each series, which means fewer boxes that you need to keep on the truck.

Every line of Klipsch In-ceiling speakers is based on an equivalent model of our traditional box speakers. This means youíre getting, the same Klipsch horn tweeter, and the same overall performance as our traditional speakers. This also means you can combine in-ceiling speakers with traditional Klipsch speakers with no loss of performance.

Thanks to Klipsch technologies like Securefit and Skyhook, Klipsch speakers install easier and faster than most other in-ceiling speakers. Time is money and Klipsch in-ceiling speakers will save you both.
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